What we do

Strategic development

Turnbull Consulting Group helps organizations achieve high-quality decisions and implement them effectively. Using proven facilitation strategies, we can work with you to support dialogue, build consensus and guide implementation.

Support dialogue:

  • Define goals and objectives
  • Establish objective, mutually-agreed-upon criteria for decision-making
  • Attain norms for discussion
  • Test assumptions
  • Think beyond the givens.

Build consensus:

  • Identify shared interests
  • Achieve common understanding
  • Explore possibilities
  • Envisage alternative scenarios
  • Document consensual, well-thought-out decisions that everyone can agree to implement.

Guide implementation:

  • Establish the implementation process
  • Assign deliverables
  • Motivate action
  • Ensure individual accountability
  • Measure results.

Career advancement

Turnbull Consulting Group helps mid- and senior-level executives work more effectively, advance their professional goals and find greater satisfaction and meaning in their careers. We provide strategic, practical, one-on-one support on an ongoing basis.

Assess yourself:

  • Evaluate your personal attributes, priorities and interests
  • Examine your experiences for personal and professional strengths
  • Determine where you most desire to see yourself in one, three, or five years.

Plan for change:

  • Establish goals using SMART or other criteria
  • Articulate your competitive strengths and marketable assets
  • Present yourself effectively on your résumé and in interviews.

Whether a regular check-in or a sudden career conundrum, we’re here to listen.

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